Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie by Roger

Of course, the best images of me are not self-portraits, because from near when I take my nose is even bigger as in life, but also because having done so many I aim now to fun and expressions or showing sorrow or age.

Thanks to Roger and his great camera, in the mild light of the Photo musuem where we went last Friday to see André Kertesz's pictures about Reading.

They begin with the oldest photo, three poor boys reading together in 1917! and span many years. I did not know until recently, that I had the same passion as him: taking people reading photos!

I begun my group of People Reading a few years ago on Flickr, and also collecting my own. They are a good and easy subject, so absorbed in reading that they do not see most of the time you take a picture of them. So many ages, places, you can read, too! Some read even walking or in a swimming pool!

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