Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Viewpoint Gallery Expo

London Independent Photographers expo in Greenwich, and yes, I had at least one or two of the visitors (like this picture does prove) to look also at my picture.

It is of course not easy to see it down and finally seeming so small and without frame (also I did provide one but was not good enough) but anyway, I can tell from now on, if I want or need, that I "did expose in London".

I did expose also in the Paris's suburb, near where I lived.

Here are some of the pictures I have taken at the Gallery, it does teach me a lot: what kind of pictures are well seen, how big it has to be, how it has to be framed, etc.

But really, I get a LOT more people looking at my pictures through the blogs, through Flickr, and generally the web. Today, Google Allert, showed me a site where one can see my "last pictures" and my "most interesting or liked" ones. A site I was even not aware of:

Djibnet Julie Kertesz

The most comment I have from you, my dear readers and from the flickr photo site (sometimes 2000 visitors a day - difficult to believe even) far away from the 15 visitors we had Saturday at Viewfinder Gallery. But each has a special interest.

I have now a photo of my photo looked at in "direct"!

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