Sunday, December 13, 2009

Books for writing

I did it to try out a simple panorama, and through it begin to understand a bit how it works.

Made with the panorama studio, who, unhappily put its name through the pictures as I did not pay for it. And will not do it.

When I used the flickrtoys, they did make me mosaics from my pictures, on low res, but without wronging my pictures. Now, after years, I paid them a year, even if I will not, or will use them to make hirgh res pictures.

There are elegant ways and less elegant ways of dealing with payments.

Anyway, I just wanted to understand how works stitching a panorama, here from two pictures. I looks a bit strange, and I could have done it with Photoshop elements, without the white band on it, but I wanted to try an "automatic" one, to see how it works.

I understand a bit more now about it.

And no thanks, automatic stitching is not for me.


  1. It's interesting to see, but it looks like it's left a lot of overlap, so you have duplicate books! I suspect it's designed to look for things like trees and hill-tops, not for books... I have never used one, myself.

  2. thanks for pointing me the overlaps, finally I use photoshop elements where I am in charge,

    even with trees, they can go wrong, as you let assume... unless there are far appart