Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gordon Brown speech at US congress

That was a speech he did excellent and showing he can. And he did got lots of standing applause for it, too. I looked at it in direct, but could never find it, till today, to show to others too.

I'll copy this in my London blog, or make a Toastmasters Blog, and put all the good speeches I find. Perhaps, he still has some strange mannerism when he speaks, every time he does make a point, but what a speech!

Of course, for me, his reference, at almost the beginning of his speech to Ronald Regan and "we will not leave the Eastern European countries out of the free world (or something similar) did it, and I almost cried then, and when I heard it today, again.

It is said to often, "Gordon Brown can not speak" this is an example for me, that it is not true, he can. He did it. And got by it me, and lots of standing ovations.

Whoever wrote this speech for him, was excellent, as I assisted to the Speechwriters conference, and know that most (all?) their speeches are written by someone. They have no more time, once in the office to do it. But I am sure, he did have lots to do with it. And he did deliver it, with, seemingly, only a few notes.

It is a long speech and one has to go through a long beginning (perhaps the first three minutes of applause and greetings can be skipped)but it is worth, every 30 or 35 minutes of it!

Anyway, here it is.

Today is my mother's birthday and my bigger grand-child birthday too. And, I think, in UK the boxing day?

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