Tuesday, December 15, 2009

round-table reading in Tokyo

From Sekihan, photographer, taken in a library far away.

Reading, I love reading.

That is why a few years back, the first group I created on Flickr was "People Reading".

People reading in different countries, different moods and surroundings, positions too, but most of the time, absorbed in the written word. So many people from all around the world!

Some things remain with us, all our lives, one is my love of books, connecting through a book with other people, the writer, the characters, and other worlds too.

I always looked at the narrator as to a friend to discuss with, not an authority to believe or fear. Often even writing my opinion and answers in the pages of the book. And some of the characters live with me as the people I met personally.

Internet, the World Wide Web, takes sometimes the same function for me, connecting, informing, entertaining too. I look at this picture from Tokio, and instantly Japan is no more a far away country for me, a strange place, but something familiar and warm.

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  1. I think I could fit right in there (as long as there are some books in English).