Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Misty Greenwhich park

Lot of pleasure, today in the misty Greenwich Park, and even with the mist, what panoramas!

Some trees, but very few, have still their leaves on, they are even more interesting between all the other nude trees.

I took more then hundred photos, but did not have yet the time to look through them other then very fast to decide which I put first on flickr.

A bit tires, not of my walk, but because this morning I woke at four am, what did I do until two, until Klara came to pick me up for the walk?

I read mostly.

I received a new very interesting book by Doug Lipman, wich was in fact the first I think, at least about Storytelling, it is about how to Coach, how to help storytellers or speakers to prepare, to "evaluate", how to listen, be a "helper".

Just begin to read it, but like it a lot. "The storytelling coach" is its title. Reading it, I'll learn also to be a better mentor and evaluator at the Toastmasters club. I hope. And learn to listen, interrupting a lot less, alas, that is not my strength in private conversations.

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  1. Lovely pictures!
    Also, this book seems very interesting :)

    See you