Thursday, December 10, 2009

A slope to slide

This kind of slide would have been great for sliding, in the snow time, when I was kid, many great memories about that time! We had a sloppy street not far away and no circulation whatsoever around it.

But we also did have snow, from end October to end March almost, as I remember, never melting at that times.

So I do like slopes.

This one is a long way down to Greenwich East, but well entertained. The park will be an Olympic site, ok, but I hope, they will not touch to the slopes!

I am not so well aware to live "up" the hill until arriving at the view, then I can see to slopes and roads going "down" toward the city and the Thames, not far away. That gives us at that point also a great view, and it was great even yesterday, in the mist.

1 comment:

  1. We too have a park here in town with huge slopes where we can slide in winter :)
    So much fun :)