Monday, December 14, 2009

Face painting art

The mother was invited to offer face painting at the Christmas selling fest. She did buy lots of different colours, paints special for small children, to be sure, no one can be hurt by them.

Home, they experimented, with her two children, days and days. More in the evenings, after school, probably.

The hour arrived. A special tiny room where it took place a bit more quiet that the bigger room where cakes and books and toys were sold. And song rose.

A few children arrived, timid, and choose from two books the motifs they would like on their faces. But it was not the mother, it was her daughter, of 10 and her son of 9 who finally painted the great flowers and masks on the faces of the others!

From 2 years old to 76, many of us come home with paint art on our faces!
Face painting art-19Face painting art-78
A great event!
From now, I will look differently to the art of painting on faces!

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