Sunday, December 27, 2009

Early morning stroll

I went out to stroll in Granada alone, very early, one day.

The sky was still dark, the streets with some illumination, not too much but enough to walk. The day came up slowly, but the sky was clouded.

I did not have a map but took always a street, more and more narrow going up the small hill, until, I found myself in face of a wall, where I could not go any farther.

A monastery or Alhambra's one entrance, probably.

It was cold and I was not enough closed, and when I begun to go down, I found a big hotel. I asked to sit down there for a while. They were nice and let me sit in the room with only the woman cleaning, an elegant sitting room near the entrance.

I took the Le Monde and read a bit French news and warmed up.

Then I went down, back to my hotel where for the only time I had a warm breakfast. After the breakfast, we went out together to stroll more.

Now back to the great city of London, I decide each day to go out, and then, remain in the warmth of my apartment. Yesterday I did stroll a bit, but today, yes it is great to be home too.

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  1. I love walking in the streets when it's sleeping.