Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today, I went to an interesting workshop, at Greenwich centre's Viewpoint gallery.

Beside an interesting exhibit, of a snowy parking lot in Czechoslovakia, with lots lots of huge snow, and some great show crystals too, and some great pictures taken just before and in the darkening blue hour, we went to take our own pictures, inspired by the pictures.

One textured pictures, as much as possible, around us.

I took reflections of blue sky and white clouds and early winter leaves and trees, others doors and windows and so on. Very interesting pictures and I could say, I learned as much from looking at them too.

I'll have to go out, next time, just before the "blue hour" arrives, to try to take a series of pictures, at that time, very similar pictures even not the same, with the background going bluer and darker as the time passes!

Coming home, I realized, I did take yesterday, some almost monochrome pictures. This part of paintings on the Wall under the Waterloo bridge, but also art build on the river bank from sand.
Great art, but really "build on sand."

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