Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ceausescu, 20 years ago, for me 50 years ago

Yesterday, I was watching CNN, it showed some 20 years old pictures, when the Romanian dictator Ceausescu finally fall, was captured, and then, after a short mockup trial, shot with his wife Elena.

They did look pitiful on the screen, but they hold enorm power and they abused it so much

I was at Lyon twenty years ago and had difficulty of believing that they did indeed die, finally, and instead of being shocked I was releaved, after thirty years of being afraid of her him and their Securitate men.

Fifty year before, when I was 25 and almost Chemical Engeneer after six years work and study I met Elena Ceusescu, she was unknown yet, other then inner party circles, her husband not yet become the dictator of all Romania under the name of Leader of the Comunist party.

She came in, and wanted to take my desk where I have worked for three years now, and as I resisted she become histerical, even more when I dared to tell her to calm down. ¨"I will ask my chief to give it or not" did not calm her, but finally she went out without the desk but revenge in her head.

Next day I had no work and even the most menial one was denied for me from then on and next week I found out as "ennemy of people" I was out of university, no diploma either.

I was afraid to tell anyone what happened to me, until after twenty years ago.

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