Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cadogon hall

Near Sloane Square, a concert Hall, with interesting illumination.

A single piano Friday on the scene.

The Italian pianist came in: what a presence!

I learned how to come in, and at the end, to bow, profound, then to left, then to right. again and again and waiting, thanking the audience for their applause, accepting the applause and - not running away at the end as I did Monday.

That was a great lesson for me.

I learned also about pacing and suspension and surprises.

I was stunned that some parents came with their tiny three year old but they finally, did behave quite well. She only gave a few kicks on my chair then calmed down.

So long time that I did not assist to a concert!

It made me remember also some other times when I went, last times. In London, F. took my small listening device and never gave me back nor the sounds registered that he gave to his niece. In Paris, P, made faces and altered my pleasure of listening. Neither a great souvenir.

S. enjoyed the music so I could enjoy it too, sitting by and even when I was taken away by my thoughts.

I came home easy but in rain it was not such a pleasure. Nothing special, and I am happy I went. I should go out more often.

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