Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speaking in Dublin

My small B&B was near the hight pole in centre of Dublin, under it the statue of someone speaking; declaiming.

His body language similar to those of Toastmaster speakers I listened to and, more and more of mine who learned to make larger gestures.

I do not know if this statue was there long time ago and they have put the hight pole recently or if they were both put at the same time. But together they make a declaration, a statement.

I also took picture of the pole but then the statue is almost not visible, the difference in hight is so huge.

There are many funny statues; probably from popular tales, here and there in the city, most of them of human hight and people speaking together or doing something. I have to learn more about the city and its legends.

I also love the Irish humour.

Irish Music here

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