Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toastmaster fun in Dublin

Friday night we were supposed to come to diner dressed, costumed in personages from old films - and there were many to have found what to wear or put on.

It was a fun night - even if I did not stay for long. When the dancing begun I went to sleep, to be fresh in the morning.

Others told me there was, after dancing, a sing a long until more then 2 hours in the morning!

I was at a table with many Toastmasters from the Dublin club, as one of them nicely invited me to sit with them; Here he is: you can see how a nice guy he is! He did welcome all who felt alone, I think, or seemed lost...

Toastmaster fun in Dublin-01

Across me the President of the club from Dublin.
Toastmaster fun in Dublin-06

I am not sure who he did represent, but he did work to get there1
Toastmaster fun in Dublin-16
and him too - I asked him if I could take a photo while he went from the buffet to the table
Toastmaster fun in Dublin-23
All were happy to pose in their costumes.
Toastmaster fun in Dublin-39
It was a cheerful event!

The next day, the Humorous Contest begun, at 14pm and before it we had great interesting workshops; how to find or retain members and 7 steps to prepare a great speech.

What I remember most is that instead of writing then telling and learning, first tell then write it down - then it will sound more natural.

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