Saturday, November 27, 2010

London Borough Market last week


I waited, looking from lateral point of view until the steam was rising the highest.

This is not a portrait of the cooker, but a picture of "cooking" outside in cold weather.

Of course, clear could have been ever better - could it? I am not sure that in this image it could have been.

This IS a portrait, and I think it is not bad at all, with my photo-partner who came from Australia, and come with me to visit the Bourough market of London.

London Borough Market_0102

First time we met, we visited Butte Montmartre together. Another time the Greenwich's painted hall and market.

And here are two sellers continued to sell while knowing I was taking a photo of them. Photos.
London Borough Market_0039
The three images each tell something different. Perhaps together, they tell a bit more then each separately, as my sets too more then each photograph one by one.

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