Monday, November 8, 2010

How I got to Manchester?

Entrée Hotel de VilleSomeone asked me how I got to be paid Storyteller at the True Tales event in Manchester.

I have send as answer this text, but which is only part of the answer. In fact, all begun at 10 when I begun to write my first diary. I do still write, even not so often, as now I do write also blogs and tell stories.

And, while revising my diary translated - finally published on web - in French, I did read and studies a lot of books about writing - which is also storytelling.

In fact, the first 'success' in public speaking I had when I sustained my pHd work in Pqris in 1977, my friend Stephanie told me after that 'it is what you should do'... it is as if all your ancestors where there to help you tell.

The second time, around 1999, I read the Nose story I have written to an audience gathered in a courtyard at night, and there were at least 16 huge laughters at the time. Alas, instead to being happy, my husband who assisted, was jelous of my success and not nice at all the days that came after it.

I arrived to live in London when I was 74 years old, and in February 2009, went first time to the Lewisham Speakers Toastmasters Club. As I prepared my Ice-breaker, I read in the CC manual «each project builds on what you have learned». In the first, it is proposed to speak about ourselves and then, «waive them into a story» - I did that by consequence, speech after speech.

A story about my father too, but as I am 76, it was not so difficult to find a personal story for each project. With my Icebreaker I fall in love with the audience, and concentrated all my energy to improve.

Realizing also in the good speeches studied on the web and in the toastmasters the Power of Personal Storytelling, I bought that book giving me advice also how to remember my stories and the Improving your storytelling, then also a great book from Toastmasters International about Storytelling, as well, as the Storytelling Advanced Manual, as I finished my CC last November.

Looking to practice and to listen to more personal stories, I not only went to more then one club, but also discovered Spark London, a Personal Storytelling event held at Canal Cafe Theatre, once a month.

First time I went to listen, Johanna Yates the organizer invited me to participate to one of the next themes, and in November, 2009 I begun with Now or Never, and then during last year a few other stories told with Spark London at Cafe Canal Theatre, 60 audience each time, and at the Chocolat Bar and the Soho, Blue Elephant, and so on.

I was always happy to have new experiences and new audiences, and also to be able to tell my speeches in my two toastmasters clubs. I could fit them in one of my advanced Manuals.

It was there that I told first my tale about the 24 hours in my life when the 2nd world war caught up with me, and then, Johanna invited me to give it also as paid speaker in Manchester Town hall before an audience of 300-400, sponsored by Grant Whisky company.

I just finished CL manual now and also my first two Advanced Manuals and begun now to work for my Advanced Silver, next ten speaking projects, and the 1st of November told a story about Mistaken Identity (video added here before) at Canal Café theatre about how I changed profession at 45.

Any message we want to pass to others is better done through a tale, a story, in my case mostly personal tales that speak more to the emotions and are best remembered.

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