Monday, November 22, 2010

Life in Paris

I met first this old bookshop owner / seller towards 1981 but he was already there for some time. He is still there!

Surrounded then as now by lots of lots of books barely someone can pass through them, he has read so many of them. Not so many people go in so sometimes I wonder how he succeeds to make a living.

But he is always cheerful to me.

Once, toward the beginning we did have an argument - I do not remember about what - but then both of us get to speak really to each other and after that we become almost friends!

We both love books and reading.

I am sure, if I go and ask, but I have to go to Paris for that from London; he would give me a release not for this photograph, as the Getty Agency ask me... He would see the humour of it.

It was not easy to make this one because the light was dim and I wanted a photo where you can see the most of books as we enter.
Au vieux livres (3) v
The old book's shop has two aisles, but this one has the best and more recent books, and outside are the romance and detective novels, that 30 years ago could also be changed, now there are only sold. The classic books are on the back, because he has all kind and also in a small box some in other languages.
Au vieux livres
He does prefer the classic books and knows them well but he never tries to push his taste on the others.

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