Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The child in us

We all have also happy memories of our childhood, and the photographer took his time with me, lots of time, to obtain this one.

Later he made me stand in another dress, and I was really fedup.

The child in us remains in us.

Need of love and protection and the hurts and sensibilities too.

Alas, we do not realise well when we do hurt someone else as we do when they hurt us.

Apu Juli Anyu
This photo made me remember how seldom my parents were together or, together smiling, and even less with me between them. The photo also tells about how happy I was to be between them.

In the middle of worse shell bombing on the house in Budapest January or February by Russians, my parents standing very near each other put me in the middle, to make the most protection. Instead of fear, I still remember the warm feeling and happiness I felt to have them around, feeling their love towards me.

I know, we are finally alone in the world but we still need, at any age the others and their warmth and, alas, most of time, acceptance.

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