Monday, November 1, 2010

Late automn at Little Venise

Rehearsal yesterday at the Canal Coffee Theatre near the Little Venise in centre London. Tonight at 7 30 we will be 8 to tell a personal story around the theme Mistaken Identity.

The same theme can give such a variety of stories!

The childhood story struck me the strongest, but there are so many different stories and different storyteller styles too, all stunning. We will be eight tonight to tell, me the last.

Still a few hours to rehearse it and change it, as parts of it I have to cut out, when we are many to tell the time is more important. And yes, I have to take out everything which is not the main message and important to understand it.

Cutting out our dear children, creation gems is not easy but I have to think mostly how it will effect the overall equilibrium, curve, of the story.
Late automn_0018

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