Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Edith 16 et Julie 20

My friend was just 16 then still in highschool, living with her father's familly;

Her mother was just released not long before from the hands of the Romanian Secret police Securitate - after two month in an undescriptible shape.

I had seen her mother on the floor when she was just transported back to her ex husband house, as her husband, ex Vice Minister of Finance was still in prison. He was held, for 17 years then told "sorry it was a mistake" in solitary confinment. But his wife, Edit's mother cracked and never was well again;

She would not eat anything not done by herself, refused to recognize her two children; and when I have seen her, she had no more teeth and was slim as a cadaver almost and all white too.

We become friends because Edith needed someone then, and the age difference between 16 and 20 was not so big as she was in many ways more grown up then me.

We liked both poetry and believed; still at that time in the 'party', cried together Stalin's death but also she was the one in 1956 who gave me the poem A phrase about Tyranny that I recopied in my diary.

Three years, after this photo, she let my boyfriend kiss her, that cooled me towards her, so I did not invite her any more to parties - but also as I split with my boyfriend, did not held any more.

So many memories the images I begun to scan bring back to me!

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