Monday, November 29, 2010

London center stroll

I discovered those in Covent Garden.

They reminded me the creations of my my friend, Stephanie.

She was not "commercial" and made one by one what she felt, not so much with painting on the stones as carving them, long time.

But I really liked what this stone told me

Do not ask me what, it speaks to me still. Today, I come back to it, after month because on flickr someone has discovered this one and 'favourite' it. Put it between his favourite images.
Pebble art at Covent Garden
This is a version where I worked on the original image, made it to look stronger, more like I remembered it.

This is also with memories.

We have first a fuzzy memory then we try to recreate iwhat we felt it happened, in a story. Giving it more outline. Isolating from all the clutter that in real life surrounds an event.

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