Thursday, November 25, 2010

It is cold outside

The winter is here. Not yet show but soon.

I am well covered in the London flat I rent and I have put the temperature higher this night, when I woke up cold.

This morning, it is nice to be inside.

Even nicer to dream still at my three walks through Dublin streets, and yet again its colours to attract those passing bye.

But some walls were not done specially to attract but to tell "no" do not come here!

door in Dublin
or this one
Sometimes, more often, the side streets attract me more then the big boulevards and, of course, there are also more easy to take a photo of, or to find something "different".

Each with its different colours
Templar bar
And then the small bench that made me dream - and still does.
Wrapped warmly inside, also today I'll have to go out in for a few hours later, in my mind's eyes I am still strolling through some nice streets of Dublin that I discovered going away from the boulevards.

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