Tuesday, July 12, 2011

77th Birthday Presents

I did receive a chocolate cake and a cheese cake, the first homemade by my grand daughter and her coulsin, here from France. I did receive from them also flowers. And a great card too.

The two biggest gifts for me are two books.

One small book send and choosen by my daughter, The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. What a great read, I savored it almost in one treat, finished it in two days. 120 pages of wit and joy, he makes us believe anything and takes us to a delightful journey in the palace and between books and authors.

The second book, offered by myself, is also a delight. I just begun it. 775 Pages of Anthology of Personal Essay from Seneca to today, with an introduction of Philippe Lopate, who itself is worth all the book. I am now at the 7th page of the introduction, that will help me explain also the charms and exigences of Personal Storytelling, public True Tales. Exactly what I needed now as I prepare a Workshop on Personal Storytelling in Public. Such a depth and humour too1

Of course, I am yet only at the begining of studying his Intro, Essay on Personal Essays, but already undertood so much. What a joy books can bring!

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