Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Personal storytelling with Spark London

Johanna organizes the Spark London personal storytelling events, finding wonderful stories and people telling them. At least twice a week now. Every 1st Monday of the month at Canal Cafe Theatre, 7 minutes each, with a repetition before the delivery day, and every third at Brixton, Upstairs at Ritzys, what is called "open mic" for 5 minutes where all present can pitch in.

Yesterday, I did not tell any story, I listened.

It was a wonderful program with different, varied tales. Most important to me, two of my collegue Toastmasters from my club, whom I introduced to the Canal Cafe Theatre storytelling event, presented their tales. I was so proud of them! Interesting tales and so well told too!

Great feeling, to see and listen to them speak, tell the tale a lot better then I heard before, communicating really with the audience. Great audience too, laughing, cheering, reacting.

As I listened to the audience too, this time a bit more relaxed then when I was speaking, I have heard them laught and enjoy themselfs in, for me a bit weird places. Weird? Not complectly, but let us say, interesting.

After the event finished, with glasses from the bar downstairs in their hand, a few of those in audience came to me, telling me how they enjoyed my storytelling. "But I did not speak today!" They remembered other times when I did, they remembered phrases I said that they particularly enjoyed.

"When you spoke about that Elena and the table, you know" - I almost forgot that telling... "I loved when after what happened you told us 'and then I decided and went all the way with my boyfriend.'" That phrase was remembered the most from my sad tale, that was that made all laugh and feel releaf, and in all enjoy my tale.

Yesterday also, there were small details and phrases that made the audience laugh!

So it is up to us to find them, cherrish them, add them so the rest of the serious content and message is remembered, linked to them.

Yesterday evening I was so proud and happy to have my two collegues on the scene and making the audience react!

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