Friday, July 1, 2011

Who I see? Who others see?

what the mirror gives back, what the reflection on floor gives and how others see me?

in fact, all see me differently

to some I am reliable and warm, always ready to suggest, to help, for others I am an impossible person wanting to change everything, persistent and annoying

So who am I?

probably all of those... depending of whom sees me or gets nearby

persistent, going with determination in a direction, sometimes "impossible" as seen by some others is the character of many creative people and of many leaders

we lead and not follow...

we help and learn and never stop

yes, I understand that can annoy some who have other ways from which they do not want to go away, who are in a bubble of their own,

Can I go in other directions? Often

Do I find solutions that seem to far fetched to some? But most of the time they do work

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