Monday, July 11, 2011

Those two and their inverse

As in life, in the photography too, there is no subjective way or one way to do things.

No one is the "good" way.

One has to try out, and also to have an open mind for all different cultures.

In my case, I will try to bring back some "old ways" many toastmasters are still following; of course those who never tried them out or seen them, think they those are 'new' ways.
deux bourgeons invrse

And I hope, this note does not disapear through the sending. It did not, today.

Yesterday, it did.

Have the impression now it is my blogger editor who behaves very strangely.

It goes all the way down, it jumps. Blogger, quit misbehaving!

And here is a slide show of my bouquet reveived from my granddaugher for my 77th.

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