Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is your story?

Having a story to tell is important.

The story does not have to be long, but has to grab the listener and imagine himself there. The story of the lady accidented with her two legs broken and her mouth closed in the hospital, near a young mother who told her about the problems to find for her children the right clothes, that gave her the idea of opening a website with children clothes, is compelling. It brings imedeate sympathy to her and her clothes. (Stories from this morning TV about Web.)

Yes, it is important to have a story.

That is why, instead of the usual blabla about the importance of our guest and his titles, I will tell a few short stories about our first, and some subsequent encounters. I have to find the right words now to transmit the strong image I have in mind to the minds of the audience to whom I tell it. The stories in my mind, from the time they suddenly came to me yesterday afternoon, energized me, again.

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