Thursday, July 7, 2011

Score or vote, can be destructive...

Title of this video : Freeman & Barnet Discuss This Destructive Pattern

It is a bit long, but so attractively told! and it is such a true experience and common to all of us.

I loved the discussion, so human, and I think, so true: when you think "how will I score relatif of the others" or "how was I relatif to..." you are no more all in it while telling and do not enjoy so much the experience after it either.

So, should we vote or not for the "best..." ? Unless I am the one who get the award and very proud of it, I think not... and even then, I remain sometime thinking "but he was best". Personally, next time it does not matter so much to me and I analyse what I did not do well, yes, it is true, instead of what I did well.

Anyway, it does not matter so much, but what a nice pair of men telling here that story of theirs!

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