Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paula, short film in True Tales from Grant Whisky

Grants Whiskey True Tales on Facebook

Grants Julie2 from geronimo london on Vimeo.

I was very unhappy about the tale as I told it, here, at the beginning. And it took three hours to do it in a cold windy morning in the park. Again, and again,freezing, but with no public to assist and give back energy to me.

The beginning of the original tale was cut to make shorter, some of the tales of her struggles with the Maire of the small village too, the whole tale becomes thus a lot less dramatic. One can follow and understand less well how, because her sad childhood she got a lot better education then girls in that period mid 18xx and, because her education she knew that barley can make whisky or alcohol and also learned enough to be able to manage an Alcohol Distillery, after she lost her husband early in her life, when my grand mother was just 14 years old.

But the film in itself is beautifully put together by a pro team.

So it has its advantages over the sound track of my original tale. Please also go to the Grants Whisky website on Facebook and vote for me, then perhaps, I get to tell it again before a life audience in Manchester in the fall.

And yes, I got to get paid for the three hours of work, on the spot, and perhaps also for the weeks of preparation before to construct the tale. It is my personal tale about my great grandmother, always an inspiration for me.

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