Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roses and Table Topics

Rose from Manthe Penton Harrap, our Target Speaker in the Evaluation Masterclass

There are so many different ones! As there are Toastmaster clubs, each with their experience. Here is one of them, or rather seven...

Posted by Jean McAllister in the LinkedIn group of Official TM International to my question:

* How many of you have Table Topic before the Manual Speaches? How you work out the time to give so all has time?

I have belonged to seven clubs and they all have done Table Topics before the speeches. They can be shortened by reducing the time that each person speaks.If we have a big crowd, the speakers o not participate, but everyone else does. Table Topics brings the levity to a meeting as George said, so the earlier you have that the better.

If you look at the old TM material, they always suggested TT be early in the meeting. We fit a lot into a meeting - 4 speakers and an education piece and usually end on time for a two hour meeting.

I have received so many interesting, thoughtful, informative answers to my question!

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