Saturday, July 16, 2011

Self in Afterclass

In my 59th month of photographic masterclass, on the Afterclass group in Flickr, (more then 2500 members) this month is the SELF photography discussion and showing. So many different ways to show it, directly, near or far, parts as here, in the miror in an interesting background, we also have so many facettes to discover - if we do not take ourself too seriously. Many tales to tell.

Here is one about aging. The hands age first, perhaps. And yes, this is myself - part.
J1 textures

About 750 posts means some classes run twelwe to fifteen different subtopics.

So many different themes covered.

This month, I run the Self, but most of those 59 month I found someone, specialist in some different domain of the photography to run it. For next month too! So many different domains covered during these last years!

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