Thursday, July 21, 2011


I do not regret, what I have done, usually I do regret what I have not done.

60 month ago, I begun a group, by myself, then growing slowly to over 2500 of us, it is called Afterclass in Flickr, and each month there is a sort of Masterclass of Photography's different aspect. Each time, someone passionate about a certain theme or way of doing, leads it, and the others, whoever wants, repond by their different old or new photos taken around that theme.

Leading the group was a longterm challenge.

Mostly, I have to find who will lead the next month's workshop, and then help him as necessary. Sometimes add some of my photos thus encouraging others to publish, or, if I know something about the theme adding my grain of salt.

Just discovered a soldier, enthousiast of photography who joined our group. He is now far away, and I am in awe. I discovered also today, other ways of doing, from another part of the glob's photographer.

Flickr also gives some less pleasent surprises, someone, tried to make me connection, and she is a very fat woman showing photos of her backside, barely covered. There is a whole word on flickr, as elsewhere but the photos usually speak and disclose of ourself, then it is up to us what we do.

Today, I met through flickr with old friends and animators, who published selfportraits on the class I make, this month is me leading it and Self's different aspects the theme. I also discovered new photographers, who I hope will become friends, and nothing bad will happen to them during their stay there far away, to fight, to wait, and use some of their time to learn.

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