Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lapin Agile, Paris

Old pub, transformed in cabaret of old French songs, great singers, fun.

Many people sitting on wooden bancs crammed together, listening for hours: never stopping enjoying themselves.

I used to help the owner and main singer, what a voice! with his Apple Computer, until his son came back from the army and took over to help him.

I met there someone, while visiting with my aunt and uncle who has been there when he was young, yes, already, then it was also a great place! After they went away I went back and... we ended up in a small hotel. Finally, I ended up with him living with me for three years.

He was not at all what I needed, but I did need him and for a while was even very happy and pround to have him.

A few days, month of happiness of togetherness feeling, it is not so bad in a life. Perhaps, he even loved me for a while, I did love him for sure, long time. Too long perhaps. Until I wake up from my dreams.

I looked to him and discovered he hated me. I discovered how much all become one sided. I discovered how much he did not help me, as I did when I could, till I could.

I run away, far away, to get rid of him, from Paris to San Francisco. I remember a morning waking up, still intoxicated by him, wanting to run back. I was shaking like a recovering alcoolic or drog addict. I got addicted to sleeping near, I had to learn to live without addiction. I did, but it was not easy even as my head knew I had to.

I could not stay in San Francisco, my company needed me, my son asked me to come back, I did. I met him: he become a stranger. I did not care any more, what a relief!

Yes, so many memories linked to the cabaret Lapin Agile! or memories of stories that begun for me there!

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