Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eurotunnel: j'ose

I dare, I should dare, I will dare.

That is what I was telling myself, three years ago, as I crossed the channel in the Tunnel with my car.

J'ose, I dare like the 5 year or 3 year old kid dared that time, when she was asked to stand up on the box and tell.

I had no idea, that across the Channel, I will stand up and dare to tell my stories. I was just trying to give myself courage, by putting this photo before me as I drove from France to England, where I did not know what will wait for me.

Now or never, I have to change my life, even if it is past 74. If nothing else, I can take photos of London, of people there, they did let me the last time I visited.

This time is not for visit, it is for at least one year to stay, perhaps three. I enter in the 4th year now and just realize how much premonition this photo held.

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