Sunday, September 25, 2011

An old picture pops up

Sometimes, someone, discovers some old picture I have taken and brings back to me old memories.

This morning, this one, taken 6 years ago during a trip in Transylvania.

I had a free week and decided to take the same trip that I took when I was 22 the first trip alone in my life. That time it was with train and bus, six year ago, I was 72 I drove,

In one of the places I met a student who wanted to go back to the city I was heading and I took him and his girlfriend in the car, Then he asked if we could make a detour to visit his parents, They were not home,

We did meet his grand parents and on the way out the village this neighbour who came to speak with us and almost did not let us go, so much she was happy to speak,

A very full day, many pictures and memories come back this morning, because someone somewhere somehow found this picture and liked it,

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