Friday, September 2, 2011

Memories and "things"

Je lève mon chapeau
That is an autoportrait from 2005, used long time as my flickr profile.

I like it so much, still, even if it is so much not me somehow,  not because of the photo quality, but it reminds me of the time I decided not to take myself seriously.

So I took from the top of the drawer dusty old black hat, that had some significance for me. 15 years before, we did buy that hat with my then future second husband, (at the time of pic ex), as symbol of our new life and all we will dare to do from now on.

I also took out a forgotten chesnutt colour wig from its box and put it on my white hair, that was the sign of my defiance from my first husband time, way back, wig that I did not even remembered I stiil had.

And put on also a black boa.  I use this one still nowadays for my Stand up Comedy routine, it still gives me the same 'defiance' feeling and right to play.

And posed with them, defiantly in the garden. Put it on as my flickr profile, and used it long time.

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