Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Lion Square, Conwey Hall

25, Red Lion Square, at Conwey Hall, a master entretaining storyteller and Toastmaster come from North of England to give us a seminar on Storytelling.

Andrew Brammer is a performer and entretaining storyteller with stories about the years around 1975; his childhood years; but the tips and suggestions he gave us are applicable to all kind of storytelling.

He also illustrated his seminar with one of his stories and parts of others: how much energy he puts in them! Lots of evocative movement and change of pace and voice too, speaking adjectives and metaphors.

Andrew BremmerMy style of storytelling is a lot less theatrical and more based on character then action, plot; but as he so well told us; there is not one best way to tell stories; each does it on his or her own individual style.

The small room was full of Toastmasters having come from different parts of London clubs, it was a pleasure to see some familiar faces and to make new friends too.

We all came out of it with things to ponder and digest and use. As Andrew told us; a storyteller uses snippets from here and there; everyone and everywhere, even if the most of the stories come from our own experience.

Lots to think about, so my first outing after my operation was really worth while.

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