Monday, September 19, 2011

Grant's whisky and some books on storytelling

My story was good.

Alas, when they filmed it, I consented to be cut, and the life and excitement was cut our of it. Even so, 60 people voted for me. 100 more voted for the one who had the first price. Good for her!

I gained experience of the importance of not letting my story be cut, badly, and how one makes a film, and next time to stand up more about my opinions, too. I gained also of course some money and yes, a gift of a box of great Whisky.

Yesterday, we tasted it at my son's place, and they also liked it a lot.

Tonight, I will tell a story about a Holiday that changed my life, again showing how a bad thing can turn to good. Sorrow to happines. Frustrating events to new confidence in ourselves.

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