Friday, September 30, 2011

O2 North Greenwich night

Paris 8e : 39 Bld George
A Dynamic view of this blog?

Let us try it together.!

The same blog, it seems can be viewed in different ways. Let us discover together how this work.

I am, usually an early adapter, and I decided that this blog could be the test, how it works.

I did try it, but it has still long way to go - so I reverted to the usual view of the blog. The idea is great, each can see a blog as he wants it, as a Magazine or Timeline or Flip-chart or Mosaic and so on, and even those can change still as we wish. Alas,  not only it deforms non usual pictures, but also declares some pictures unavailable in one view while they are available in another view.  And even more, it is very slow and the information not so easy to read. Plus, it gets rid of all the PLUS I offered in the both sides of the blog.

I will try later, when they correct some of this features. Test with another blog perhaps, my 'test' blog that is read - only by me.

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