Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sometimes, it is enough of one rotten, to cause havoc, to disturb all the world around.

One fruit, of a whole tree full of them, a family member in a once happy family, or a stranger who arrives with hate in his hart.

Everything can change and nothing be the same again. It is easy to say "avoid" troublemakers, negative people, destructive ones, but when it is in family or company or near you, the ties are not easy to break.

So much thoughts come in mind remembering 9/11, but also remembering the terrorism in the undergrounds of Paris, London, Moscow, and Tokio. There is less commemoration of those, and other similar events, and who knows how to begin remembering all the innocents killed in the glob during last century.

I did not have television 10 years ago, so I learned slowly, understood slowly what happened, reading books about it.

There would be so much to say.

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