Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things can be different

After my son has brought me back the furniture that was in his big house, and did belong in fact in this apartment or was mine, all looked stuffed.
Change  appt_0215
I just could put them so they are not one on the other, already a relief.

What can I do? What can I do to make the living room look less full? Give it more air?

Suddenly, it came to me.

What if, I move the table that was near the window for three years, between the sofas in the corner and uncover it, so it seems less *there* ? Here is the result. The living room respires again. The table is in a place where the sun does not penetrate and I can put my computer on it without reflections. I even took my breakfast here this morning!
Change  appt_0207
At the same time, I discovered that from the newly added sofa chairs I can look at the TV; just changing a bit its angle, without having to look at the window, as before.
Change  appt 4
How difficult is to SEE things we can change in our life, how much we hate to change usually, and how much change can bring us!

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