Thursday, September 15, 2011

The world in black and white

Because of this month's theme, black and white photography, on the Afterclass group, photography Masterclass, now in its 61th month already.

I went out looking at the world around me in black and white.

I knew that my first digital camera had that feature, but until yesterday, I did not know I have it on my latest camera too.

Nothing is completely black and white, as in life either, but many shades of grey.

And sometimes a subject cried for colour, and I gave him, for a moment, changing.

In all, I was stunned how much one can express, indeed, in black and white, grey nuances only.
Forms come out often better, nothing distracting.

NB Direct_0120
But even some portraits worked well indeed, as this free journal I caught abandoned on the stairs near the underground station.

While I was taking photos of it, its pages begun moving, changing, by the blowing wind.

And the young woman, reading on the bus, this is one of the three photos I have taken of her, while the bus stopped a moment. 
NB Direct_0094
Thanks Maz Hewitt, fellow photographer from Zurich, giving us the push to try a bit more the black and white photography, and showing us its beauty in the Afterclass group.

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  1. blog for those who love black & white... we must love nature,,,the beauty of our life..