Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last minute

I was so tired, psychologically and physically perhaps too, that I almost did not go to the Meridian club Contest.

As I spoke with myself to go or not, and looked who else speaks, I discovered with surprise that we are only two. So I dressed last minute and went.

I found the title on the bus, and I stick to the beginning even if I had second thoughts and other ideas last minute. It worked, I made people laugh from the start, and at least 3 Table Topics speakers put something about it in their speech.

So yes, the workshops of this year have some results, and also the many speeches I give in every occasion. Even more, I felt a good contact with those present, what a wonderful feeling!

The only problem is that now I will represent my Second Club and not the one where I am president, at the next Contest. But they are a dear club to me who seen me grown and gave me a lot of opportunity to speak.

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