Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shaving, me???

At 77 years old, one has to accept what life gives to you, you feel your bones, your eyes are in mist and yes, from time to time you have to use the shaving cream your son offered you.

Perhaps with time my eyes will improve, the one the cataract was removed see more "normal" and the other less yellow, but meanwhile the best is to laugh at all.

Make fun of yourself! Life seems easier to take from then on.
Shaving at 77 - that is life
I was so sorry of myself yesterday and afraid I would not be able to read as before - for the moment I can not - and do not see 'normal' either, but finally I found the 'comic's way' to deal with it: making fun of what is.

Accepting and laughing of one's life is finally the wisdom I need to go through this, and other tough periods of life.

So I made fun of the necessity to shave and use even shaving cream that I refused longtime before.

All my Stand Up workshops did lead to something; lifting some of the burden and finding at what to laugh and make others laugh too.

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