Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bonne anniversaire!

Today will be the end of 4 years I begun to write blogs, day by day.

The first blog I opened was the French Il y a de la vie après 70 ans, the title, There is life after 70 years, encouraging myself, and I hope others, I was not yet sure, four years ago, where it would lead me.

It did change my life.

This blog, opened in march, has been accessed around 2000 times, but the one in which I wrote for four years now, has gone beyond 200 000 by now. I am there, still, at my post, day by day, which is one of the most important messages from my blog.

Through my blogs, French or English, Retro-blog or daily, Photoblog or Video site, or photo site and groups, I did connect in four years with hundreds of people. It all begun four years ago.

Until the blogs, I was a passive reader and a writer for my desk drawer. Now I can reach out and hold other hands, and in need not be all alone either.

Meet others all around the glob, or meet people coming nearby.

Coming from France to United Kingdom was a great move, and did change a lot, but begining my first blog changed whole my life.

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