Saturday, January 31, 2009

Strange gift!

A gift shop near the Royal Festival Hall, all prepared for the Valentine day in the entrance, but discrete, in the vitrine I suddenly see this object;

First, it make me afraid.

Then I read "wodoo" ? What it is for?

To think and try to make suffer lovers who betrayed you? Or to make them think of you? A lot of things suddenly arrive in my mine.

I have no one to send a Valentine card or give a gift, not even try to hurt an old beloved who was not true to what I believed of him. Until I did believe, until I could, it made me happy. Some of it was real probably, the rest only in my mind.

I am still happy when I see people holding hands or looking for gifts to offer.
Soon Valentine day: remember!
I look at them, smile and say to myself: even if not for me, now, love still exists!


  1. What a very, very strange gift that would be - to give or to receive. Artists come up with the strangest of things!

    I've given you an award on my blog - please feel free to pass it on.

  2. I have seen that knife set here in Italy and found it so disturbing! I can't imagine sticking a knife into what looks like a person day after day... I think it would give me a very bad feeling.