Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thames, after Artist's Way

I should have talked about the Inauguration, and the new hope "yes we can", and the team effort I have perceived from the beginning.

More I see or hear (or read) more I like Barack Obama and the face America is showing the world. What I understand less, why did they call him, with his white Kensas very 60th idealist mother "afro american" and some tell his father immigrated in USA: he never did. He went home, to live his life far from this son, having other wifes and children, before, and after.

His example is already wonderful for all of us and the children of our children even, but from the begining he demonstrated he want to work in team, letting others tell some of what he wanted to do, thought.

I did speak yesterday before Greenwich Independent photographers meeting, in English, which was wonderful, and without .having to search for worlds, but forgot that it is a team effort and let it carried a bit too far, perhaps too long, surely too much of my photos. Did not have the time to speak about Afterclass more, show pictures of others too.

Another time, I hope, I'll be able.

The Artist's Way teaches us to learn from ups and from downs. I'll do.

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