Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fog in London

What is your first image that comes to mind when you hear "Paris"?

For a lot of people it would have been for long time "French Can-Can", the dancers with their legs bared. Hundred year ago or more, to show even its feet seemed shocking!

For London, the first thing every one would associate would be "Fog".

Of course, also Sherlock Holmes and the fog in the middle of the city, not in the parks, although, it has to be also a thick fog, which was not yesterday. And it was only my second in the last six month.

To find the fog in London become as difficult as finding CanCan dancers in Paris, it is not the norm, it is the exception. More tradition, then present, nevertheless, on the mind sticking yet.

Not only was for me a joy to find it, finally, in London, the fog gave me also occasion to study how people, but mostly trees, look in it. What kind of background the fog offers. As it is not often and no more killing people, it become interesting.

Here, you can look of some of the pictures I have taken yesterday morning on my walk.

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