Monday, January 26, 2009

Through the park

The bus let me down at Whitehall Horse Guards, and I had to cross the park to get to the Buckingham Palace. That proved to be one of the most joyful part of my day, Saturday.

So much happens in the park!

People feed the ducks and the squirrels, take photos of them and of each other, sit down to draw the trees and admire the fly of birds,.

I even discovered the first spring flowers already open: and it is only end of January!

I did have a wonderful time also at the Queen's Museum, there I discovered more old wonderful paintings in a great surrounding. Sometimes, we think of royalty as stiff, but how could they be being surrounded all their life by such a joyful and different rendering of life! I came out of there only with the regret not to be able to stay even more, but 7 hours in all a day is really enough for me.

Yes, I am young, only 75 soon, but still... seven hours without almost no sitting down was really enough. But very satisfying!

There was a child looking through a window's grills that gave me going towards home the idea to take this one.
Inspired by Flamish paintings

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