Friday, January 16, 2009


I do hope Johey24 will not mind if I did borrow two pictures from his stream.

This one done by his mom, about his familly, living in China. The second one done by him in a city of which I never heard before.

Synchronicity, is a great word I just learned, meaning a fortuity coincidence arriving when you need it, when you are engaged in an artistic (or other) endeavor.

I learned in from Julia Cameron's book: the Artist's Way.

I did happen to me yesterday.

I went out to take a few pictures in the fog in the morning, published them, and wrote about it in this blog. Later, I found a commentary under one of them from Johey24. "Just read your blog on this, and I am sorry I misunderstood. I now see the joy of this foggy day coming to you.
You are a remarkable soul. In fact, you made the both of us wipe a tear tonight. Great meeting you."
The photo and blog note did touch him and his friend.

I went to see were they live: in China.

A message from China arrived to me, telling me what I do is not for nothing. It did give me what I was looking for: how to present to Greenwich independent photographers the importance of web and flickr next Tuesday. I received warm words from Johey24 from the other side of the globe, helping me with my future presentation.

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  1. Hi Dame julie

    Thank you for this honour. And your work is never without meaning! Remember that you are special.